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Aesop and Clinique

Treatment and moisture
The other day I went to the beauty mecca, known as Sephora. With my purchase I was given a sample size of 'Clinique' Repairwear Laser Focus, for smoothing, restoring and correcting, according to the bottle. It is a pre-moistrurizer serum that is lightweight and fragrance free. The bottle directs you to use a minimal amount, less than a dime. That amount doesn't seem like a lot, but it is plenty. I really like the product and will buy a large size next time I am at Sephora. I have been looking for something to help smooth out fine lines that is not too heavy. I am allergic to a lot of things in makeup and this does not bother me. Highly recommend.
My trip to Sephora was motivated by the fact that I had cut my tube of moisturizer down twice to get to the last drops at the bottom. I made it to Sephora, only to mistakenly buy sunscreen instead of moisturizer. I figured this out later, when my eyes would not stop watering and itched like crazy. Going back to Sephora was only possible many days later, after I was out if moisturizer. So I raided my stock of 'back-up' products, of which there are far too many but they seem so necessary. In the stock I found my bottle of 'Aesop' Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum. I found this last February in Portland, OR on my way back from Maui, HI. A friend and I stopped in a sweet little store that had tons of unique items, including facial care. I bought this product because in the summer I am prone to be oily and everything clogs up my pores. It is a fantastic product and has a great smell, earthy yet naturally fragrant sweetness. It isn't heavy enough for winter in New England but it'll do in a pinch and it smells like summer.